Robin Dreyer

Certified Pocket Billiard Instructor
Beaverton, Oregon
(503) 848-0422

Background Information

I started playing pool at age 4. I was taught by my Grandfather. He was serious but very patient with me. He installed a sense of discipline around the table in me which helped me learn at an accelerated pace. I made my living as a player for 15 years and then retired from playing. I then went to college for 5 years to learn how to teach. I wanted to give something back to the sport that had given me so much. During my time in college I wrote most of the teaching curriculum I use today. I have added substantially to this material since then and have also created many software tools to help students learn more quickly. I have taught pocket billiards for over 25 years full time and have helped hundreds of people enjoy this wonderful sport.


ACS Level 3 Certified Instructor / Coach
This certification is recognized as an International Billiard teaching professional credential by the WPA
I can also certify instructor/coaches to Level 1 and Level 2.

PAT Level 3 Trainer
PAT stands for “Playing Ability Test“.
The official WPA player ability testing system.